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* Lawrence Weiner, PS1 in NY
Sweet Sixteen

Teaching 2007
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Typeradio broadcasted their live radioshow «Sweet 16» in the course of the design conference «Typo Berlin 2007» for 16 concecutive hours, followed by an aftershow-party. Students from Hamburg and Berlin supported the show with posters, decoration and an evocative wayfinding system between the conference hall and the party location.

Design: Martina Lenzin, Christoph Lohse, Antje Sauer, Sarah März, Lorin Strom, Hee Yong Kim, Nora-Marie Beyer, Timm Boeken, Evelina Augustynska, Fiona-Sophie Hinrichs, Klaas Horeis, Thomas Korf, Marlene Krause, Jan Lidtke, Doro Schulze, Julia Stenzel
Art Direction: Prof. Heike Grebin, Elvira Barriga
Collaboration: Typeradio, Underware, Bruno Setola and UdK Berlin (Henning Wagenbreth)