A Bit Of Matter And A Little Bit More
* Lawrence Weiner, PS1 in NY
Asisi Visual Culture

Brand Positioning & Visual Identity 2009
Client: Asisi Visual Culture GmbH, BerlinBrand positioning, brand architecture: Thomas Matla, Elvira Barriga, blotto design
Corporate design: Elvira Barriga, Heike Grebin (blotto design)
Web design: Johannes Siemer (blotto design)
Visual identity system for the panorama projects: Elvira Barriga and Christiane Hämmerle

The artist Yadegar Asisi and his company Asisi Visual Culture GmbH create the world’s largest panoramas along with accompanying exhibitions, installations, and other visual illusionistic spaces. Asisi Visual Culture stands for cultivated vision as a tangible source for knowledge.

Asisi asked blotto design to clarify their positioning, brand architecture and naming strategy. On that basis we developed their corporate design and the visual identity for the panorama projects.